Convenient USB hub with three USB-A output ports and one Type-C output. Each USB-A output port provides up to 420MB/s data transfer speed and the Type-C output port provides up to 5GB/s. The Type-C input cable comes with a USB-A adaptor, so it is suitable for most PCs and laptops. A velcro cable tie helps to keep the hub and cables together.




Input Type:Type-C with USB-A adaptor
Input Interface:USB 2.0
Output Type:USB-A x 3 and Type-C x 1
Output Interface:USB 2.0 (USB-A), USB 3.0 (Type-C)
Data Transfer Speed:480Mbps (USB-A), 5Gbps (Type-C)
Cable Length:30cm




USB Hub: L 415mm x W 20mm x 8mm
Gift Box: L 116mm x W 67mm x 17mm

Branding Options

Pad Print
• 60mm x 10mm
Laser Engraving
• 60mm x 10mm


Individual Gift Box
Carton Dimensions: 30 cm x 8.20 cm x 41 cm
Carton Cube: 0.01 m³
Carton Quantity: 200 pieces
Carton Weight: 8.20kg